Body Acne – Psychological Effects

The Psychological effects of Body Acne can be serious. Many people who suffer the physical affliction of all types acne also suffer from emotional problems as well. Many sufferers will cover their acne and tend to avoid activities where others may see their acne. Trips to the beach, the pool or the gym are ruled out, effecting their participation and enjoyment of life.

Body Acne Trivialized.iso 45003

Acne is judged by others to be trivial problem that can be easily managed, especially when acne is compared to serious physical ailments or diseases. Studies have shown however, that people who suffer from significant acne either on the face or the body experience social, psychological, and emotional effects at a similar level to those individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic health problems, such as epilepsy, diabetes, and arthritis. The emotional implications of suffering from visible acne on the face or body should not be trivialized.

Unseasonal dressing

Many men and women will dress unseasonal to hide their acne. They will choose to wear long sleeves and long pants in the summer months when everyone else is wearing shorts and singlets. Women will often wear tops that have higher cut neck line to avoid showing acne present around the chest area. People who have severe body acne are not likely to show it off, even though some appropriate sun exposure, which provides vitamin D, has been proven to help treat and lessen the appearance of acne.

Acne can cause Social Withdrawal

In severe cases visible acne can result in complete social withdrawal with sufferers being at risk of developing more serious psychological illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Studies have shown that those who suffer from significant facial or body acne are at greater risk of developing psychological problems than of the general population.

Effective Body Acne Treatments can improve self esteem.

Since Body Acne can significantly affect your life, and your psychological health it’s best not to ignore it. In most cases, it will not go away on it’s own. There are many effective body acne treatments that are easy to use. Effective body acne treatments can bring about a more positive attitude and better self esteem. Even for those who had hidden their visibl

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