Wrap & How to Buy Bubble Wrap Online

Most of us are familiar with bubble wrap packaging material – not only does it protect goods throughout the postage process, but it can also be extremely fun and strangely addictive popping all the bubbles when you’re finished with it. Read on for a general guide including the different types available and how to buy it.

What is Bubble Wrap & What is it used for?

Bubblewrap is a protective layer of plastic featuring sealed air filled bubbles designed to protect items when being shipped, posted or stored, especially fragile items. The bubbles are circular and vary in size depending on the size and fragility of the item. Generally, small bubble pakapro wrap should be used for fragile goods such as electronics and glassware, while large bubble wrap is more commonly used for larger items such as furniture.

Bubblewrap is typically used to cover items for postage and will sometimes be covered by several layers of it if the item is extra fragile. Occasionally it will be used as void fill to stop items moving around within their packaging.

Types of BubbleWrap

There are several types on the market, all serving their own purposes. They can also be bought in different forms, including rolls, sheets and bags. Some common types you may come across include:

o Large: Large sized bubbles.
o Small: Small sized bubbles.
o Anti-static: Designed for static-sensitive electronic products such as computer parts.
o Self Adhesive: Allows for more secure packaging and does not leave residue on the item.
o Biodegradable: A great option for those conscious about the environment.
o Bubble Wrap Bags: A convenient pouch usually used for small items.

Buy Bubble Wrap

As far as purchasing goes, it’s quite an easy process if you know some trusted suppliers. You may know a local company that you can visit in person, but if not, there are many reputable online bubble wrap suppliers too. The best thing about buying online is that you won’t have to worry about picking it up yourself. It can be conveniently delivered to your home or office.


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