What Makes Mortise Locks for Sliding Doors So Popular

Door handles and knobs give a finishing touch to the elegant look of the home or business premises. Selecting the right design and style is what matters a lot. It is the smallest part of the room, yet makes a big difference in completing the interior design. With the internet handy, you can find many Pull Handle manufacturers to get the right kind of design at the right price from the right seller. There are many manufacturers for door handles and knobs, but zeroing the right manufacturer is quite a tedious part. Creating a checklist on various information such as manufacturer’s experience, a license obtained, international collaboration, availability of designs and styles, price range, and many such will help to contact the right person. However, it is always best to consult with your friends, family, and colleague who might help you land up with Pull Handle manufacturers with great discounts.


The most common lock used in residential homes is the Mortise lock which is mostly fixed in wooden, vinyl, aluminum patio doors, or plywood doors. It is an old design lock which stands secured for decades. By fixing the mortise lock, you will feel more secure and better protected. Due to its unique modular construction, these locks can be services and reassembled for future use. These kinds of locks are recommended mostly to be fixed on front doors or home entrance doors as it provides sturdier protection from intruders.


Mortise Lock for Sliding Door is ideal for sliding shutters, cabinet, and wardrobes, which can be easily slid and gets locked automatically. A mortise lock is not just meant to be fixed in wooden doors but can be installed in glass sliding doors as well. The sliding door is made up of deadbolt locking, which comes with an anti-slam pin that protects the door from accidental damage while closing. It is made up of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant material which doesn’t need handles to operate. Below is the different Mortise Lock for Sliding Door which helps you determine the best suited for your place.


  • Steel mortise lock 

Wooden doors have usually been seen with steel mortise lock. For sliding doors, the mortise locks actuate the lever which easily slides into the rectangular hole that fits the door into the lock.


  • Rectangular cut out lock or pocket door mortise lock

It is a modern rectangular door pocket mortise lock which provides a quality lock with stylish design. It is suitable for all sizes of the door. However, you need to specify the door size to get the right lock.


  • Oval Shape cut out locks

This kind of lock is widely popular and used a mortise lock in all patio doors. These locks seem to be identical but the key system is a bit different. The position of the keyway is vertical from one side and the other has the keyway at 45 degrees.



Final words

Mortise locks are strong and reliable, which is widely used in both residential and office premises. However, determining the right manufacturers makes it easier to get the best quality that stands for the long-term.




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